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January 30, 2017


When I was seven, I heard a story being told about a girl  who went to her backyard to pray on the day of her first communion and an angel appeared to her.  I don't remember the details of the story, and I never questioned whether the story was true or not.  My seven year old self perceived it as true and magical, and it was a story that was forever imprinted in me...

Fast forward to 34 years later, and I can tell you about my own magical story.

I was getting divorced, and I found myself as a single mom of two beautiful babies. My worries and fears of the future filled my head day in and day out. I had also been getting extra visits from earth bound spirits and traffic  from the spirit realm in my house was at an all time high! To clear my head during my lunch breaks at work, I would go for a walk and pray, a lot, to whoever was listening.

One day, on one of these walks, I felt someone behind me. I turned around but no one was there.  As I continued walking, I felt a presence beside me; it wasn't anything that scared me, but something that intrigued me.  It wasn't long before I felt this presence put "his" (it felt very much like male energy)arm around me, and give me a gentle hug. I immediately felt goose bumps and tingles all over my body.  The presence made me feel supported, loved and at peace and in  that moment, I knew that everything would be OK.

This beautiful being would come with me on these walks at lunch time and I would tell him my hopes and dreams as well as my worries and my fears.  One thing that I found interesting was that I never spoke to him out loud, it was always in my head.  But he heard me and I heard him. For months we walked and talked and I finally asked who he was.  It was then that I understood that this magical being was my very own Guardian Angel!

I.COULD.NOT.BELEIVE.IT. I thought that I had finally gone insane, A GUARDIAN ANGEL???? I remembered that back in college I wrote a research paper on angels for my philosophy class;  "Do Angels really exist?"- my conclusion had been, " No, due to lack of physical evidence"... But yet, here I was, talking to one.  As insane as the notion was, I thought back to the moment when I first felt this beutiful angel and the miracles that had occurred in my life during those months.  For once, I was happy.  My life changed for the better.  Miracles started to happen.  Many years later, I would learn his name.  Sebastian.  It is forever written in my soul. A contract binds us in this lifetime.

As I sit here and write about my encounter with Sebastian, I am reminded of my soul mission.  To show others to connect with their guardian angels, so that they too, experience the magic and the miracles of the angels.


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January 30, 2017

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