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Arlene March @ 2019 /

arlenemarch444@gmail.com / Ontario

Hi! I'm Arlene March, an Emotional Quantum Healer


I am inspiring a righteous global consciousness movement around my belief that we all are gifted with Guardian Angels, and these Angels help us guide us through our life - all we need to do is ask them!

"I have a big beautiful dream:    

To show people that life is meant to be easy, beautiful and peaceful.  I love my life, and I want to show that you can love yours, too.  I want you to see your life through the eyes of the Divine"

to empower the world


I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. I believe, that I am a fourth-generation clairvoyant and intuitive.    




My great-grandmother and grandmother would never discuss their own intuitive gifts, but "they would always point out the spirits that roamed the house and I would see them."


"I was not taught to be what I am, I just am." 

My extensive background in clairvoyance and intuition began as early as age four. I have always been able to see, feel, hear and talk to spirits. Yup, spirits, dead people! But I also thought that I was not different from anyone else and that everyone had that ability. I established an unwavering agreement to honor my gift at a young age and sought to improve upon abilities.

Though I was armed with an array of beautiful, otherworldly gifts, I faced a number of setbacks and hardships in my life. My life has not always been easy, nor did I think that it was beautiful."Everything was a struggle."

One of those struggles transformed me into my finest moment. After going through a divorce, I would often go for walks during my lunch hour to calm myself, think about my life, and try to figure out what the Universe wanted from me. One day, during one of my many walks alone, I felt someone beside me put their arm around me. But no one else was near me at this time. The embrace felt "peaceful and comfortable and loving." I did not know who or what it was. It happened every day after that, just like that, until, finally, I experienced one of those infamous Oprah "aha" moments: it was her Guardian Angel!


It was that awesome discovery that sparked my mission to communicate with my Angel. I started doing research on Angels and soon stumbled onto Doreen Virtue's own Angel teachings. Having grown up  Catholic, I was surprised to find such a movement existed, but she was excited. I knew I had found my calling.

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